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What we do

For more than twenty years, Custom Coffees has been creating signature blends for some of the finest restaurants in the nation. The blends we create are rarely straightforward, but they are all exceptional.

That’s because we think differently about coffee roasting. Ever since we started, we’ve stood by the belief that roasting is the key to the best coffee. We sought to combine the art of drum roasting with the science of air roasting. We began building our own coffee roasters, and then we painstakingly modified them until we perfected our own custom roasting chamber. As a result of our experimenting and research, we developed our proprietary VAT roasting methodology.

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  Custom Coffees  
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How we think

Every coffee we roast is quality sourced, expertly roasted, carefully blended, and freshly ground. Our beliefs about coffee roasting and brewing set us apart from typical coffee roasters.

The flavors are key.

The best coffee blends begin with an understanding the flavors of each bean and how roasting affects these various flavors. With this information, you can create blends that create the most exceptional cup.

Good coffee deserves a good brew.

After our coffees are expertly roasted, blended, and ground, we think carefully about the perfect brew. It might mean a bit more work from bean to cup, but it’s worth it.

How we customize your coffee.

At Custom Coffees, we want to share our expertise, and we give you the information to become your own coffee expert. We invite you to browse our educational Connoisseur Tips and browse our favorite signature restaurant blends.

Get the true Custom Coffees experience.

Use our Create Your Coffee tool and make your own personalized blend of coffee based on our expert guidelines.

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