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Connoisseur Tips

Become your own connoisseur.

Learning a little about coffee is the first step to creating perfect custom blends. Explore our Connoisseur Tips and get the information you need to pick the right beans, build a blend, choose the best grind, and truly enjoy the coffees you create.

We will bring you tips about how to enjoy your coffee. Good coffee isn't just found in high end coffee shops, its found everywhere - and one place in particular where we want to see it is in your home and/or work. Simple tips, new perspectives, and just a genuine desire to help you find the right coffee for YOU.

December 2019

It's officially coffee season! Coffee isn't just something you purchase and enjoy, and during the holidays we truly believe it is when people appreciate what makes us different. We believe there are many, many answers to the question "what is the best coffee?" The truth is, people all have their own taste and preference, so we set out on a mission to help people find their ideal coffee, and with us, they can create it and have it shipped to their door. We let you experiment, have fun, and be creative. This isn't about which brand, roast, blend, or varietal is best - its about what our customers love. Give the gift of CustomCoffees this holiday season - to loved ones, friends, colleagues, whoever can enjoy Coffee - The Way it Should Be.

August 2019

Summer is in full swing now and cold/iced coffees are the norm. In May we provided some insights as to what makes for a good iced coffee, and now we'd like to expand a bit on cold brew. Unlike most traditional brew methods that are fairly fast and use hot water, cold brew is a steeping process and usually takes 12-24 hours to complete. Since it does not use heated water, the process by which coffee is creating in this process is very different and thus yields appreciably different flavor characteristics from the same beans as compared to the other processes. It also requires a comparatively higher amount of coffee. Many people think we simply use hot water because coffee is meant to be hot, but the truth is the heated water is technically cooking the coffee, and there are chemical processes that occur in the brewing method that are caused specifically by the heated water and it coming into contact with the coffee grounds. Those processes are obviously not present when doing cold brew, and consequently the methodology as well as the flavors you can expect have to take that into account. 

May 2019

As we get into spring, iced coffee is a great way to adapt to what can be uncertain temperatures for a lot of the world. Some days are warm, and some days are cooler. Unlike cold brew, which can only be served cold, brewing coffees that lend themselves well to being iced or perhaps adding a bit of milk/sugar to them are ideal for this time of year. We recommend coffees that are have bright acidity, weighty body, bold flavor intensity, and dark roast. Many coffees from Indonesia are perfect for this kind of brew!

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