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Blending Tips & Guidelines

Three steps to a truly singular blend.

Exceptional coffee blends are really quite simple. We recommend using three types of beans to bring out that great complexity you want in a custom-blended coffee. When blended to the right proportions, your coffee will be cup-after-cup consistent.

Despite the world of varietals and roasts, blending a custom coffee isn't all that complicated. Follow these three steps, and you'll soon find it easy to tailor a blend to your tastes and any cuisine you'd like to pair it with.
1. Pick your base varietal
  • The base varietal accounts for most of the flavor, so first think about how much body (mouthfeel and weight) you'd like your coffee to have.
  • The base varietal sets the tone of the blend. A good starting point is to keep the base at 50%, and enhance it with your complementary and flavor varietals.
  • Tip: Consider when you'll drink your coffee. If you're blending a coffee to drink with dinner, try a heavy Java as your base. If you'd like a light coffee to start your day, pick a smooth, creamy Brazil for your blend.
2. Choose a complementary varietal
  • Next, choose another coffee based on its acidity, or its “tang.”
  • The complementary varietal should account for about 25% of your three-bean blend.
  • Tip: Acidity gives coffee its liveliness—the more acidity, the more spirit in your coffee. A high-acidity Tarrazu from Costa Rica will give your coffee a strong, crisp hit of vibrancy, while Sulawesi will add depth with its more subtle acidity.
3. Balance it out with a flavor varietal
  • Choose your third varietal based on what sort of flavor profiles you'd like to taste in your coffee.
  • As with the complementary varietal, keep the flavor varietal at about 25% of your blend.
  • Tip: This step is where your taste preferences should shine through. Do you like chocolate and cocoa flavor? Go for Antigua from Guatemala or Certified Organic from Mexico. Want to taste a refined hint of floral? Try Ethiopian Yirgecheffe and Sidamo.
How to make it to 100%

When blending your beans, we recommend the 50/25/25 formula because it will give your coffee an easy balance. If you're an experienced blender, through, don't hesitate to vary the percentages here and there. Want to amp up the smoky cocoa flavor in your flavor varietal? Bring out the rich mouthfeel in your base varietal? Go ahead and tweak the percentages—your palette is never wrong.

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